I’m Asking for Help

April 1, 2010

Day 4 of Unemployment

Sometimes in life you meet people who seem as if they are placed in your path simply to lift you up.  Lately people have been coming out of the woodwork to offer me help in my job search and, in like manner, in my life’s journey. I am truly blessed and thankful for such wonderful friends, family and connections.

I received a call today from an old mentor. She had no idea about my current life situation. She actually called to ask a favor of me. How quickly that turned around (ha!). I have yet another wolf in my wolfpack out there sniffing out a new career. I sent her an e-mail with my resume and wrote the following:

“I have tried doing the job search thing on my own. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it without help or using my contacts. I did and that wasn’t the best experience. I learned that I am a people person, I network and make friends because I am naturally inclined to do so. I now have no shame in using the resources I have made available to myself over the years especially if it will make me happy in the long run. I have helped several friends search for jobs lately, I don’t know why I was ashamed to ask for help before but I’m over it now 🙂  We live and we learn…”

After I sent it, I realized it was something I needed to share with whoever might be following this blog as it is a little insight into how I ended up where I am.  Sharing this has made me even more ok with asking for what I want. I want your assistance, I want a great job, I want to be needed and important, I want to help people, I want to be a part of something larger than the people in the place where I work, I want to be as happy as I am when I am serving others, I want to be intrigued and engaged in the subject matter I’m dealing with, I want more.


… I hope! I’ve found myself obsessing over this job interview I had on Monday. I’ve been mulling over every minute of it, analyzing everything said, every word of the thank you notes I sent, all the possibilities of what my references said… it needs to stop. They said I would hear something by Friday. I hope tomorrow goes by quickly – my brain is wearing me out!

In other news, my kickball team (Yes, kickball the sport of uncoordinated 8 year olds) had our first game of the season tonight. WE WON!!! Now this news might be a little less exciting if this team hadn’t played together last season. Last season we won just one game out of 12. So we’re already setting the bar high for this season.

Last season we were sponsored by a local bar, The Corner Pub, and our name was “The Corner Publicans” – I came up with the name and was proud of it at the moment. However throughout the season we were made fun of because people associated “Publicans” with “pubic”… I had been concerned that others would think we were all republicans but I guess I overestimated the logic of the average kickball player. I should have put my mind in the gutter a little more….

This season we opted to part ways with our sponsor. We found it to be quite a chore to show up at the Bar either before or after every game. It was across town from the fields where we play and really, how much bar food can you stand. Even once a week for three months is too much…

So this season we’re an independent team with no sponsorship. We had to pay our own entry fee but hey, we got to pick any name we wanted. So we had everyone on the team submit options then we had a vote. The winning team name was…… drum roll please…. “Who Farted?”  ( no, I’m not kidding). It seems that several of the guys on our team were on an intramural team in college with this name and they went undefeated. They think the name will bring us the same luck. I think the name will bring us shame but that’s just me thinking more than is necessary, as usual. So far they are right. One game down, one win for Who Farted?

Who Farted?

Take a good look at this team my friend. We could be the next league champs! Or we could just be the chumps wearing t-shirts that say who farted and have a picture of a man wearing a gas mask. On a side note, I stopped into a local eatery on my way to the game to grab a beverage. I passed a table in the restaurant where there was a family eating. I felt shamed by the words on my shirt. “Fart” was not an ok word when I was a kid. I felt like I might as well have been wearing a shirt with the other *F* word on it.  I tried to cover it up with my purse… Oh the shame!!!