My First Day

March 30, 2010

Day 1 of Unemployment

Today is my first day of unemployment. It was pretty great! When I got up this morning I had a message in my inbox from the CEO of a company I had applied to a few months back. At the time the position I applied for had been filled before they ever looked at my resume. I received the world’s nicest rejection letter in which this CEO told me she was very impressed wiht my resume and would be keeping it on file. She said she would contact me immediately if there were any other openings and that she would be sending my information around to some of her contacts. Well, this morning a position opened up. Unfortunately it is only a part time job. While the job would be great, I wouldn’t have health insurance and would have to find another job that would fit in my schedule so that I would be making enough money to stay above the poverty line. This is not ideal but it was nice to find this lovely e-mail in my inbox on my first day of unemployment!

What did I do today? Well, I slept late, had lunch on a patio in the wonderful spring weather with a friend, took a mid-day nap with the sun in my face and my cat cuddled up next to me,  went to the grocery store… and applied to a job or two. The worst thing that happened today was that I broke a fingernail. If everyday of unemployment is this nice, I just may never work again (Don’t take me to seriously here. If you know me you will realize that I am not the type that sits around and does nothing for long. I predict I will be over this unemployment business VERY quickly.) The beautiful weather this time of year makes me feel like I’m on spring break (minus the three S’s- Sun, Sand & Sea).  If you ever have to be unemployed, opt for an out of work stint at the beginning of spring!


While at work today I had two different responses to my resume that I submitted on Monday. Note that I only sent it to two places. This means I have a 100% positive response!! I have an interview set up with the director of a department of NASA for the first week in April and I have to return a call to the Alumni Office of my college for an opening there tomorrow.

Nothing is certain until it’s final, I know. But these first glimmers of hope are helping me realize I made the right decision.

“I’m coming on the other side of something and I have a new hope that blows away the smaller hopes I knew before… I am compelled” ~ Sara Groves

Considering my need to send out a handfull of resumes a day, I need to spend some one on one time with that document and whip it into shape.

I’ve thought a lot about presentation style for this document. Two years ago I had sleek black folders that I put my resume in. There was a copy of my transcript from college on one side and a copy of my resume on the other. I created a little calling card and put it in the business card slot. Now, after two years of working in the marketing industry, I have gained more of an eye for design and my old resume packet just isn’t going to make the cut.

My friend Sarah visited last weekend and brought with her the most beautiful portfolio I think I have ever seen. She just graduated and is looking for a job as a high school history teacher. To begin with, all of her information was in a gorgeous, leather portfolio with scrolling burnt into the leather. Once you opened the portfolio there were sheet protectors containing pages and pages of documentation of how awesome she is: Resume, Awards, Certifications, Lesson Plans and more. I opened it and wanted to hire her myself!

I want a portfolio that looks that stellar. Sarah is going to make a fantastic teacher, I know this because I have known her for years. However, if I had just met her, I would know that to be true just from looking at the presentation she had before me. Now I have to figure out how I can meet or exceed this type of presentation with my own information.