Long Week

April 18, 2010

Day 23 of unemployment

It’s been a long week. I’ve been back and forth between my hometown, Birmingham and Nashville several times. I’ve gotten little accomplished other than seeing several friends, attending a luncheon, attending a wedding and getting the ball rolling on a new website for a non-profit I’m working with. This week I’m going to get back to business, the business of job searching that is.  I have little more to say right now but I wanted to share with you some wise words from a friend of mine. Read, do and be enlightened!

6 Steps to Overcoming Ignorance (By Missy Golson)

1. Read a history book….only one not from Texas.

2. Look up the word “socialism” in the dictionary.

3. ‘Just Say No’ to Glenn Beck.

4. Have one of the major newspapers delivered to your email each morning: NYTimes, Washington Post, LA Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal–just to name a few.

5. Double check your facts: We now live in a world with any and all information at your fingertips. If you want to check the accuracy on matters ranging from ‘what exactly is in the healthcare bill?’ to ‘which political party enlarged the government the most in the last 50 years?’, you can find all of these facts at reputable websites i.e. think tanks, government sites, CRS, journal articles, etc . No, no—Ann Coulter’s blog doesn’t count.

6. Embrace elitism. Sometimes you just know when you’re smarter than other people… and you need to share the truth with them.


I woke up this morning singing an African Spiritual- “Oh freedom, oh freedom, oh freedom, freedom is coming oh yes I know…” Obviously my psyche is obsessed with my impending departure from my current job, my current living situation, my current state of mind… all of it. Freedom is coming, and yes, I know it!

(I googled this particular spiritual and found several choirs singing it. But then I found this video and had to post it instead. It more adequately illustrates my exuberance than the somber choral spiritual videos.)