I’ve put in my resignation at my 8-5 job and am now on, what promises to be, a bumpy road to happiness. Follow me as I chronicle my excursion into unemployment. Let’s hope it’s brief!

Age: 24

Race: Caucasian

Hair Color: Brown

Highest Level of Education: B.A., International Studies, Distinction in Leadership Studies

Handedness: Right ( though I am an ambipedal kicker)

Geo-Political Positioning: Deep south, pearl wearing,  church going,  Liberal – bless my little heart!

Career Goal: To launch a career with an organization working, preferably on an international level, to develop a greater understandig of the interconnectivity and diversity of people. To use this understanding to work toward the advancement of business, a greater quality of life and the common good of mankind.

Greatest Adversaries: Words (I’m a horrible speller),  static, fatty/wonderful foods (I have a hard time saying no), individuals with strong opinions with no factual basis, the closed minded, the cold hearted and the anthropocentric.

Couldn’t Live Without: NPR, corrective lenses, my snuggley pillow, laughter, human interaction, independence and a positive attitude.


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